Together We Thrive

Building the Communities of Tomorrow
Our Story

In the early 1980s, a determined father and son who shared a true passion for real estate development started a construction company in Greensboro, NC. With the commitment to build quality homes for a great value, the company quickly took off, eventually diversifying into the strong organization it is today. With over three decades of real estate development, The Carroll Companies now have over $2.2 billion in real estate assets that they own or currently have under development without outside equity or partners.
Our Vision

At TCC, our mission is:
  • To be the revolutionary force that guides the future of our industries through the convergence of our people, our ideas and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 
  • To shape & lead each industry segment in which we operate.
  • To create value for our customers & a dynamic work environment for our team members. 
  • To achieve this focus on value, we will diligently work toward ensuring the highest level of efficiency throughout the organization in all we do.

We will be a modern, relevant group of companies embracing these ideals to create growth & opportunity for all within the organization.

Our Principles

​Customer Satisfaction
Understand what our customers want & need to meet or exceed these expectations. Manage, improve, & streamline how we work in order to continuously deliver value to our customers.
Continuous Improvement
Achieve continuous improvement in cost, quality & cycle time. Implement better ways of doing business by taking appropriate risks, learning from out mistakes, & setting high expectations.

Results Focus
Establish & meet all commitments to customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, employees, etc., by building relationships with these key stakeholders that are based on shared goals & objectives.
Our Philosophy

These are the guiding principles of our decisions that ensure we stay true to our mission:

Customer Focus 
We are driven by customer expectations & committed to quality, excellence & speed.

We provide cost-effective, value-added solutions that are fast, focused & flexible. We directly & continuously contribute to the financial success of The Carroll Companies.

Effective Negotiations
We think strategically & act decisively. Our destiny as a Company is directly related to our ability to effectively negotiate.

Creativity & Accountability
We expect innovation, empowerment & personal accountability.

Trust & Respect
We demand integrity, honesty & the highest level of ethical business behavior. We respect each other, our customers, & our suppliers.

Teamwork & Open Communications
We embrace teamwork, cooperation, open communications, enthusiasm & diversity.

Recognition & Reward
We recognize & reward those who commit to & support these Values & Principles

Our Strategy

One unique aspect of The Carroll Companies is its “build-and-hold” strategy in which it retains long-term ownership in the projects that it develops. This approach allows the Company to develop high-quality, Class-A real estate projects that become a great addition to the community. An example of a typical project is Carroll at Bellemeade, a $60 million mixed-use apartment and hotel project located in downtown Greensboro. 

Cash Buyer
Another unique characteristic is that The Carroll Companies is a “cash” buyer. Given the Company’s impressive track record and substantial balance sheet, the Company does not use loans or financing contingencies in its land purchases.