Opportunity & Advancement

The Carroll Companies are continuously growing, thus presenting opportunities for advancement. It is our goal to make promotions and fill vacancies from within the organization whenever reasonably possible.


Bonus Programs

In an effort to recognize dedication and good performance, we have implemented various bonus programs, including one that rewards team members for referring qualified candidates to our company.


Communication & Support

Each of our team members has a voice and meaningful impact on the company’s direction; therefore, we encourage the sharing of ideas, concerns, and constructive suggestions. To make that possible, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment of integrity and support.


Seminars & Conferences

To help team members excel in their careers, team members are selected to attend seminars, workshops, and training programs. Additionally, select team members are invited to attend large industry conferences that present the opportunity to network, learn, brainstorm, and socialize.


Educational Assistance

We feel a team member who possesses a desire to continue their education, in addition to performing their full-time job, shows a commitment to improving themselves and their position within the company. To encourage and reward these individuals, we offer an Educational Assistance benefit.


Exclusive Discounts

We offer Rent Discount Program to eligible team members who live in any of our participating apartment communities. Additionally, eligible team members may receive a discount on a storage space at any Bee Safe Storage location.


Contests & Awards

Various awards and contests that focus on specific areas and performance are implemented to recognize our team members for their excellence and dedication.


Gifts & Giveaways

Team members are gifted with various tokens of appreciation throughout the year and given the opportunity to enter drawings for select prizes.