The Rhino has had a long tradition of providing news in Guilford County. The original Rhinoceros Times, founded in 1991, went out of business in May 2013. The Carroll Companies revived the herbivorous beast and in October 2013, the all-new and improved Rhino Times was started. On November 15, 2018, the last printed edition of the Rhino Times came off the presses leaving the world of print journalism behind and moving into the future with an e-paper. Readers of The Rhino Times rely on for daily coverage and opinions of Greensboro while gaining insider access to important Guilford County work sessions and events. The new online platform allows readers to connect and interact with each other as well as the journalists.

In addition to the Rhino Times internet advertising, digital billboard advertising has become a heavily sought-after option. Rhino Outdoor Advertising is a new entity that will allow advertisers to inexpensively achieve exposure to 19,200 vehicles daily at our 1016 Battleground Avenue location.

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